For more than 45 years, NCLD’s dedicated team has worked to create accessible and inclusive experiences for those hidden in plain sight for generations
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We’re working to improve the lives of children and young adults nationwide with learning and attention issues—by empowering parents and young adults, transforming schools, and advocating for equal rights and opportunities.

We’re working to create a society where everyone possesses the academic, social, and emotional skills needed to succeed in school, work, and life. We’d love to introduce you to our Team, Board, and Young Adult Leadership Council.

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Our Pillars

The National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) is a non-profit organization focused on building community, sharing resources, and shaping policy to help individuals with learning and attention issues.

We are committed to building community, creating equitable environments, and amplifying voices from the LD community to push learning accessibility forward. With every step and achievement, we celebrate proudly alongside our partners and peers.

We use our platform to speak boldly on how to protect and improve public education funding opportunities. We applaud beneficial moves and condemn regressive funding cuts.

We create and disseminate factual and insightful data and reports focused on strengthening understanding and fueling equitable futures for students with learning disabilities and attention issues.

We actively work to shape local and national policy to reduce barriers and ensure equitable opportunities and accessibility for students with learning disabilities and attention issues.


Our culture at the National Center for Learning Disabilities is truly like no other. We lead with empathy, energy, and passion. We value diversity and accessibility, and operate under the model that we are human-BEINGs, not human-DOINGs.

We work in partnership to achieve our goals and ensure our colleagues live healthy, productive lives with work-life balance at the forefront. Our leaders are empowered to have flexibility in how their teams accomplish their work and goals.

We aim to fuel an environment that is supportive, genuine, and inspiring. We are proud of the culture we’ve created at NCLD because everyone brings their whole selves to work each and every day. And together, we are working to create more accessible, equitable, and inclusive futures for all learners.


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NCLD’s annual report offers a snapshot of our programs and services, as well as essential information about our operations. In our commitment to openness and accountability, we also post the most recent Form 990 submitted to the Internal Revenue Service.

2022 Annual Report

NCLD’s latest annual report highlights our achievements helping those with learning and attention issues and presents financial, organizational and leadership information for fiscal year 2022. Learn more about how we are working with our community partners to change lives.

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