Your voice matters! There are a number of ways you can get involved to make a difference for the 1 in 5. Take action by sending a letter or sharing your story with your elected officials. Learn the law and find out how you can help protect the rights of people with disabilities. Read up on the challenges, understand the issues, and learn how to reduce barriers and create opportunities for individuals with learning and attention issues. However you choose, become an advocate and use your voice for good. Join the movement!

Things you can do


Take Action

Send a letter to your elected officials. Share your story to improve the lives of the 1 in 5.


Learn the Law

Find out how major laws protect people with disabilities and why your advocacy matters.


Understand the Issues

Get our take on the latest challenges and how we can reduce barriers and create opportunities to support the 1 in 5.

Use your voice for good. Become an advocate. Join the movement!

No matter how you choose to engage, NCLD is here to help! We offer many opportunities throughout the year to speak out on issues that matter to millions of people. You can share our resources with your friends and family. You can get involved on social media. However you choose to use your voice, we value your support! Be sure to sign up for updates at the bottom of this page.

NCLD’s Annual Benefit

Proceeds from NCLD’s yearly event directly support the programs that empower individuals with learning and attention issues.

Young Adult Initiatives

Help empower and advocate for young adults ages 18–26 with learning disabilities and attention issues.

Join the NCLD movement