Lead with LD this LD Awareness Month

It’s October, which means that it is LD Awareness Month. We are excited to kick off our campaign, “Lead with LD,” to help destigmatize the way people think about learning disabilities. Our goal is to reshape perceptions around learning disabilities and break down the barriers of stigma. Throughout the month, we will share statistics, stories, and messages of solidarity to create awareness and foster understanding, empathy, and support while shedding light on the experiences of those with learning disabilities.

Here are ways to fuel this month’s campaign: 

  1. Follow NCLD on your favorite social media platforms
  2. Read stories from our young adults
  3. Make a donation to our crowdfunding campaign to fuel programs and initiatives supporting students with learning disabilities

Let’s embrace diversity and celebrate the resilience of those with learning disabilities. Stay tuned for inspiring stories and resources throughout the month. Together, we can make a world where everyone can lead with LD!