NCLD fights to improve outcomes for people with learning and attention issues by actively shaping local and national policy to reduce barriers and ensure opportunity and access for all.

Despite being as capable as their peers, students with learning disabilities and attention issues often struggle in school and beyond because they fail to get the support they need. More than 90 percent are not proficient on national assessments in reading and math. Students with learning and attention issues drop out of high school at nearly three times the rate of others and are twice as likely to be jobless when they become adults. NCLD works every day to improve these outcomes and ensure that individuals with learning and attention issues have the supports, protections, and opportunities they need to succeed.

What’s at Stake

Students with learning disabilities are 31 percent more likely to be bullied. Half have been involved with the justice system. Nothing about having a learning disability should cause this. Our system is failing them. To change this, NCLD works with partners and advocates across the country to ensure equitable, safe, positive, and high-quality school experiences for every student.

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