COVID-19 has catapulted us all into a new reality: School has been canceled and moved online, jobs have closed, college students across the country were forced out of their dorms and back home, and everyone is concerned for their health and the safety of their friends and family. COVID-19 has upended our lives and it feels like we are grasping at whatever we can for a sense of normalcy. 

Our Young Adult Leadership Council members are speaking openly about challenges in school, work and socially. We hope their shared experiences will help you feel less isolated and give you tools to deal with our new reality.

If you are looking for a community of peers, you may consider joining LD Connect. LD Connect is a new online community designed by young adults, for young adults.

As we all go through this difficult time together, we want to hear directly from you to continue to support our community. Tell us what you need right now by completing this survey.

Engaged And Empowered

Hear from other young adults with learning and attention issues.

Statistics on the Issue: Why the Department of Education must issue Guidance

In this blog series, you will hear from members of NCLD’s Young Adult Leadership Council (YALC) about the importance of college accommodations and what we are doing to make it easier for disabled students across the country to get the accommodations they are entitled to under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Here we start […]

Josephine’s Story

Hello, my name is Josephine Olson. I am a senior at Boston University, majoring in American Studies with a minor in Deaf Studies (American Sign Language). I was almost forced to postpone my freshman year of college because the Department of Disability Services at Boston University refused to accept my 504 Plan and three previous […]

Kayla’s Story

Hello, I am Kayla Queen and I have dyslexia. I hold a BA in International Cultural Studies and a Certificate in Intercultural Peacebuilding from Brigham Young University – Hawaii. I started graduate school at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas as a Higher Education Major and have discontinued the program. BYU-Hawaii Before I could receive […]

COVID-19 Impact Scholarship

COVID-19 Impact Scholarship

NCLD recognizes the hardship our young adults are facing and has put together a new scholarship intended to support those students whose college and life plans have been significantly impacted by COVID-19. Learn more about the COVID-19 Impact scholarship here.

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