Sarah (Lizzy) Arnold

Lizzy Arnold is from Williston, Florida and is a Freshman at Coastal Carolina University pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Acting and a minor in Creative Writing. She was diagnosed with ADHD and Auditory Processing Disorder at the age of five, and has grown up learning in both public and private school environments. Lizzy’s passions lie in expressing herself and her experiences through creativity, and she loves to help others find that passion within themselves.

Her aspirations and goals are to earn her undergraduate degree, work professionally as an actor, and use art to help address and positively contribute to ongoing issues that affect the world. One of Lizzy’s core priorities is to advocate for individuals who have disabilities and give them the tools they need to thrive. In high school, she was involved in “Wolf Pack United,” an organization that paired students with other students with various disabilities. The mentors would help their mentees learn social skills, time management practices, and get them involved in fun hobbies. In her spare time, Lizzy loves to draw, paint, play her guitar, play tennis, and enjoy the nature around her.

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