Mayowa Omokanwaye

Mayowa Omokanwaye is a 2017 graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. As an undergraduate, Mayowa worked to find creative and innovative ways to manage her ADHD in such a demanding academic environment. She was able to use her computer science skills to piece together features from a variety of software tools and design systems that best fit her needs in and out of the classroom. Navigating a unique route through academia, she was able to build upon her passions for mathematics and the sciences and contribute to multiple research projects in theoretical physics. Since graduating, Mayowa has been tutoring and teaching high school and college students, using her interests in computer science and programming to design personalized educational tools for her students.

As she prepares to embark on graduate studies in abstract mathematics, Mayowa hopes to expand her analysis skills to design unique computer programs that can make in-depth scientific topics accessible to a wider variety of unique thinkers. She loves problem solving, keeping active, and dancing, and hopes that both her personal experiences and the ever-growing perspective that comes from working with other students will provide valuable input to the Council.

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