Jennifer Purcell

I live in San Diego, California. I am 25 and went to UC Berkeley. I majored in sociology and environmental science was my minor. College was a four year nightmare because of NLD (I.e. Non- Verbal Learning Disability). I was diagnosed in college with NLD after doing series of tests for it. I was so relieved when I got my diagnosis because I finally knew why so many were challenging for me. I graduated from college four years ago and was the first women in my family to do so! 

Now I work full time for my parents at a spiritual community center that my mother founded and created 40 years ago. I work in twelve different areas: tech, social media and admin, music, youth village, race equity, Covid hygienist, volunteers coordinator, prayer ministry. I love my job because it’s flexible, I don’t get bored and it’s fun. It is also easier for me because of having NLD and a chronic migraine condition to work for my parents.

 I have a passion for helping people in anyway I can through my podcasts and at work. I have a podcast about the challenges I and fellow nuerodivergents. It is called “Living With An Invisible Learning Challenge,” and has growing and blossoming for two years. I have 62 countries, over 1k cities worldwide and all 50 U.S States. I have 1k followers on Facebook, over 4K website views and 600 followers on Instagram. I love see my virtual baby grow and prosper. But more tag that I love seeing and hearing how much it’s helped so many people. I am honored to be a part of NCLD. 

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