Carly Priest

Carly Priest is thrilled to join the third cohort of the Young Adult Leadership Council with NCLD. In 2018, Carly graduated Cum Laude with honors in History from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. Carly holds two Bachelor of Arts Degrees: one in History and the other in English. Currently, Carly works for Miami-Dade County Public Schools as a 5th grade English Language Arts and Social Studies teacher. As a 2020 Teach For America alum in Miami-Dade, Carly holds a vested interest in improving educational practices and funding for Title I schools, and has a deep respect for the primary and secondary educators of our nation’s public schools. Carly further serves Frederick Douglass Elementary School as the 2019-2021 Union Steward for the United Teachers of Dade County Public Schools, representing her colleagues and working to ensure accurate and meaningful protections ensured by their Civil Rights. As a young adult with a processing disorder and ADHD, Carly continues to work as an advocate for individuals with learning and attention issues inside and outside the classroom. Named the 2020 Rookie Teacher of the Year at Frederick Douglass Elementary and the 2019 honoree of the Eye to Eye Alumn’Eye Hero of the Year Award, Carly prides herself on continuing the fight for all students and educators with disabilities and working with the new cohort of NCLD’s YALC.

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