Camden Moors

Camden Moors is an Information Architecture and Security major at the University of South Florida. Diagnosed with dysgraphia in primary school, Camden was driven to his passion–computers–through his inability to manually write. Computer programming became his creative outlet, and he learned many coding languages leading to an internship with MITRE as a software engineer in security automation framework at age 16, where he remains today. Camden hopes to use his experience with dysgraphia and the NCLD platform to pave an easier path through the education system for those who come after him through awareness, creativity, and policy change.

A dual citizen of the Netherlands, Camden was born and raised in Florida with his older sister but has spent much time exploring his European roots thanks to his Dutch flight attendant father. Aside from technology, Camden enjoys travel, scuba diving, cats, and photography.’

Please let me know if this bio isn’t exactly what you’re looking for and I’ll attempt a re-write. My least favorite topic to write about is definitely ME.

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