Amy Mabile

Amy Mabile is a freshman at Southwest Mississippi Community College. She plans to obtain her undergraduate in biology and then pursue a degree in behavioral optometry. As a student with dyslexia, ADD, visual processing disorder, and hearing impairment, Amy knows first-hand the benefits of sensory learning programs and vision therapy that she obtained through her behavioral optometrist. She had quite a difficult time learning to read, although she fits in the twice-exceptional category (gifted student with a learning disability). It was tough for teachers to understand how she could be so bright and barely be able to read. Amy truly learned how to read by following along with audiobooks and found her love for books in the sixth grade. When Amy is not studying, she is practicing or performing with the Southwest Mississippi Community College Band, where she plays the marimba. She also enjoys the seasonal work she does at Camp Wesley Pines. Amy is blazing a path for students with disabilities through her self-advocacy. Through the Young Adult Leadership Council, Amy hopes to help leaders, school administrators, and teachers to understand students with multiple learning differences and twice-exceptional students like herself.

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