May 22nd, 2017

NCLD’s 2017 Rozelle Founders Award Winner: Carroll Gardens School for Innovation

Congratulations Carroll Gardens School for Innovation – M.S. 442
Winner of NCLD’s 2017 Rozelle Founders Award

On Monday, May 22, 2017, M.S. 442, the Carroll Gardens School for Innovation in Brooklyn, New York was honored with the prestigious Rozelle Founders Award. The award, named for NCLD’s founders, is presented to outstanding schools that demonstrate a commitment to providing effective instruction and support to all students and are specially successful in addressing the educational and social-emotional needs of students with learning and attention issues.
Students, school leaders, teachers, parents, alumni and other community members joined together for a special ceremony in the auditorium. The award was presented by M.S. 442 students Kian Miranda Rodriguez and Yi Ling Fan, and accepted by Principal Noreen Mills. Principal Mills expressed gratitude to NCLD and reminded students that the award is a testimony to their hard work. “We have lots of special guests who visit our school, and while today is one of those days, today is different in a very important way,” she said. “The most special guests here today are not visitors to M.S. 442. You are the most special guests in the room,” she told students.
District Superintendent Anita Skop was also in attendance and stressed the importance of the school’s approach to personalizing learning to meet the needs of all students. “Your principal and your teachers makes sure that no one is left behind when they need help,” she said. “They help every student be in charge of their own learning. That’s what makes MS 442 special. And that’s why you are all winners.”
The school received a cash prize to be spent in ways that support and enhance student success.

About M.S. 442
M.S. 442, the Carroll Gardens School for Innovation is a public middle school in Brooklyn, District 15. M.S 442 values shared leadership among teachers, encourages teacher creativity, ensures individualized learning goals, a flexible learning environment for all students and emphasizes project-based learning and cross-curricular collaboration.
The school was selected as a New York City Showcase School for the 2016-2017 school year, and is also the first New York City school to be named an Apple Distinguished School for their innovation and use of technology to help students succeed. The school works with several community partners to create unique learning opportunities for students that foster curiosity, instill social responsibility and prepare students for the future.
Overall, M.S. 442 embodies NCLD’s mission to improve the lives of the 1 in 5 children who struggle with learning and attention issues each and every day.

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