Our Pillars of Change

The National Center for Learning Disabilities believes that no one should be held back for their learning differences, and in the last year and a half we have seen our community of advocates and supporters fight for accommodations in times of extreme uncertainty. 

Joins us as we continue to push ahead to a future that challenges the existing systems for the 1 in 5 with learning and attention issues. Learn more about our pillars of change for the LD community below.

Investing in Brighter Futures

Investing in Brighter Futures

As leaders, we use our platform to speak out both directly to funders and via the media on how we can protect and improve funding opportunities for education. We loudly applaud beneficial moves and condemn regressive funding cuts.

Champion Research & Knowledge

Champion Research & Knowledge

By developing valuable, insightful reports and building better resource materials, we’re focused on helping everyone — educators, policymakers, parents and students — get a deeper understanding of learning disabilities and make tangible improvements that changes lives.

Crafting Policy that Works

Crafting Policy

Crafting policy that works. We actively work to shape local and national policy in a meaningful way that can have a demonstrable impact in reducing barriers and ensuring opportunity and access for all. Talk isn’t enough.

Shining a Light on Inequality

Shining a Light on Inequality

We know better than anyone how impressive the people we represent are despite the challenges they’ve faced. That’s why we’re committed to giving them a platform to amplify their voices directly and take every opportunity to celebrate those achievements.

Pillars of Change

The series of videos highlight NCLD’s key pillars of change.

NCLD Resources

Pet Therapy and Learning Disabilities

This is a guest video blog from Lila Katz in celebration of LD Awareness Month. All month, we are celebrating stories of #ForcesforChange and #ForcesforLD. This brief documentary-style video explores Lila’s experiences with learning disabilities and how pet therapy has helped her and other students with disabilities. Watch the full video blog here. Lila is […]

Higher Education Can Help Bridge the LD Employment Gap

The learning disabled (LD) community faces a number of competing obstacles and opportunities. While the overall employment rate is at its highest in years thanks in part to a marked labor shortage, the percentage of disabled people who are actually employed remains low —very low— by comparison.  In fact, the disability/LD employment gap is more […]

Forming a Disability Identity as a Dyslexic

Is the learning disability of dyslexia, a disability? Well, of course, disability is right there in the name. But for much of my life, this was not a simple question to answer. If you had asked me at 10 if I, a dyslexic with ADHD, was disabled, I would have struggled to answer. I would […]

Self-Worth at the Heart, Encouragement in the Veins; Times of Value Kept Me Going

When attempting to draw conclusions as to why I have been spared from many of the unfavorable statistics encountered by large percentages of people with learning disabilities, I have been able to explain it in part by the self-worth I was taught to have for myself and the times I have felt valued in school.  […]

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