December 13th, 2022

YALC Advocacy in the Digital World

Our Young Adult Leadership Council (YALC) is a talented group of passionate young professionals adults striving to make a difference for people living with learning disabilities. For many of these young people, their advocacy extends far beyond their involvement with NCLD and into their workplaces, classrooms, or communities.

Two of such YALC Alumni are Athena Hallberg and Rudy Karthick Bhuvaneswari. These two took their advocacy to the digital world.

Athena Hallberg created a video titled, ‘My Journey with Learning and Attention Issues,’ sharing insightful inner dialogues explaining how she navigates through the world with learning and attention issues.

Rudy Karthick Bhuvaneswari shares ‘Creating Environments for All Students to Succeed,’ where he uses his own experience in school to help diminish misconceptions about neurodiversity, helping advocate for a less stigmatized environment in which all students can thrive.

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