Garett Bolles, offensive tackle for the Denver Broncos, played his most recent game against the Cincinnati Bengals on December 2nd sporting bright orange cleats. In addition to their striking color, Bolles designed them to show his continuing support for individuals with learning disabilities and the work of NCLD as part of the NFL’s My Cause My Cleats initiative.

It is the second year Bolles has used his platform to bring attention to our cause and NCLD. Bolles is committed to sharing his story and hopes to inspire those who struggle with same challenges that he faced while growing up. “I grew up with a learning disability and have been able to overcome it to get where I am at today. I want to inspire others to do the same.”

Bolles also announced his support for the one in five individuals with learning disabilities on Twitter:

The cleats will be part of an auction and fans can bid on them through the NFL website. All proceeds will be donated to NCLD.

Garett Bolles has been an incredible spokesperson and leader for individuals with learning disabilities. Earlier this year, NCLD honored Bolles with the Distinguished Leadership Award at its 2018 Annual Benefit dinner. NCLD is immensely grateful for his support and his dedication to encouraging young people (and all people!) with learning disabilities to have hope and know that with support and hard work they can achieve their dreams. We look forward to following and celebrating Garrett’s success on and off the field. Go Broncos!

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