The Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act is the nation’s federal law that governs technical education in the United States.  Originally written in 1984, the legislation was most recently updated in 2006. This year, Congress plans to update the law again and we are working to make changes that will improve access and outcomes for students with disabilities.

NCLD is pleased to see several improvements this bill makes to current law, including:

  • Additional language encouraging states and local entities to use funds to increase access and completion for special populations, which include students with disabilities; and
  • Allowing funds to be used to prepare and support teachers, specialized instructional support personnel, and paraprofessionals so they can provide appropriate accommodations for students who are members of special populations (including through the use of UDL); and
  • .1% set aside for recruitment of special needs populations that lead to high wage and in-demand careers; and
  • Directly including disabilities in purpose statement.

Many students with learning and attention issues rely on the opportunities offered through the Perkins Career and Technical Education Act to thrive and succeed. These students must be fully included in any reauthorization of the law.  As members of Congress work on the legislation, NCLD will continue advocating to ensure increased access to technical education for students with disabilities.

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