April 7th, 2020

Policy & Practice Series: How to Serve Students with Disabilities During the COVID-19 Crisis

During this unprecedented situation, two things are clear: students with disabilities still have their right to a free appropriate public education (FAPE), and educators and families must work  together to ensure students with disabilities keep learning. It isn’t easy, and there is still much to learn. But we must work together to do as much as we can for all students.

NCLD has compiled common questions, emerging best practices, and examples of how educators, schools, districts, and states can and should move forward during this challenging time without stepping back from IDEA or civil rights. 

These documents are the first in a series that will highlight good ideas, creative thinking, and concrete examples of how families, schools, and communities are working and continue to serve students with disabilities. To get through this, we’ll have to be creative and innovative. We’ll need to work together and help each other.  Let’s start here, and now.

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