March 13th, 2019

Statement from Lindsay Jones, NCLD CEO, on Alleged College Admissions Cheating Scheme

Lindsay Jones, CEO of NCLD: Allegations that a few individuals falsified disability status and sought accommodations must not harm the millions of students with disabilities who really need them.

WASHINGTON — The wide-spread college admissions cheating scheme that has recently come to light is incredibly discouraging and does a serious disservice to students who have real disabilities and rely on accommodations in school. The allegations state that families encouraged their children to fake a disability to get accommodations that would allow them to cheat on high stakes tests to gain college admission. This alleged gross misuse of accommodations to facilitate cheating should not be used to hurt individuals who have real disabilities and rely on these civil rights protections to succeed.As we watch this issue play out on the national stage, let’s remember one thing: A very small number of entitled and manipulative individuals took advantage of the system, but we must not allow it to harm the millions of students with disabilities who have a right to accommodations and deserve to live in a society where they have the opportunity to obtain a great college education.


Full statement is available here.

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