February 11th, 2020

NCLD Statement on President Trump’s FY2021 Proposed Budget: A Blueprint for Inequity

WASHINGTON — For the fourth year in a row, President Trump has proposed a budget that exposes his Administration’s clear apathy for our nation’s students, their families, and our public schools. Yet again, the proposed budget fails to invest in the very programs our children need most. The budget would cut $6 billion from education funding, most of which comes from programs designed to close achievement and opportunity gaps and support diverse learners.  It does nothing to support educators or end the teacher shortage crisis, and it fails to invest in parent engagement, literacy, and other critical issues facing our nation’s schools. This blatant disregard for our nation’s most vulnerable students, their families, and teachers is unacceptable. Congress must reject the President’s budget. 

“If enacted, this budget would have a devastating effect on our students with disabilities and our students living in poverty, their families, and the education professionals who work with them every day,” says Lindsay Jones, President & CEO of NCLD. “Rather than directing funding to the places that need it most — resources for schools in low-income communities, improving literacy, increasing family engagement, or strengthening teacher preparation, for example — it actually consolidates the programs into one and cuts overall funding. This tactic will only result in less accountability and will have no guarantee that the funds will be spent as Congress intended.”

“We can’t ignore the incessant threats to our children and public schools from the Trump Administration,” Jones said. “This budget is yet another attempt to deny equal opportunity to every child. It is a missed opportunity to close the equity and achievement gaps plaguing our country.” There are examples of schools all over this nation doing incredible things for kids and we have more to do. We should be incentivizing the programs that strengthen our schools — not simply bankrupting the system. We can create systems that support our young scholars, offer them high-quality opportunities, help them learn to read, build upon their strengths, and make them feel safe and valued. We urge Congress to pass a budget that supports all students and all the programs that are essential to the health and success of the future generation.


Full statement is available here.

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