August 31st, 2021

NCLD Announces The COVID-19 Impact Scholarship Winners

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created significant disruptions to the college and life plans of young adults with learning and attention issues all across the country. Students are changing their college plans, reducing credit loads, losing out on internship and job opportunities, and dealing with the consequences of a global pandemic. NCLD recognizes the hardship our young adults are facing and has put together a new scholarship intended to support those students whose college and life plans have been significantly impacted by COVID-19.

The pandemic wreaked havoc on the lives of so many, and we know for young adults, especially those with learning and attention issues, it has been especially difficult. We are excited to support these terrific students as they work hard to continue their college and career dreams in the face of COVID. We can’t wait to see all they accomplish!

Lindsay Jones, NCLD President and CEO

This year, NCLD is awarding twelve $1,500 scholarships to those students who experienced significant disruptions in their undergraduate or graduate plans due to COVID-19. The financial and academic disruptions caused by COVID-19 can impact students for years to come, but we hope the scholarship can support them to accomplishing their goals during this difficult time.

“Thanks to everyone at NCLD for giving me this financial gift to use to continue my educational journey! It will be a gift that keeps on giving, as the funds will be used to earn a social work degree!” 

Lance Dutenhafer, Scholarship Winner

“I plan to use this scholarship to supplement my costs for books, medication, and to attend a peer support group. I believe this will help immensely and I am honored to be a recipient!”

 Makayla Kovar, Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to the twelve 2021 COVID-19 Impact Scholarship winners:

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