ADA 30

July 28th, 2020


All the week of July 27-31, NCLD celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Throughout the week we hope our friends and advocates will see that in order to pass and preserve laws like the ADA, which protect and strengthen the civil rights of people with disabilities, we must have strong leadership from disability champions at all levels of government. Voting is our way to make our voices heard and elect leaders who represent us.

In 2020, we are challenging our friends and advocate community to make sure their voices are heard by registering to vote and then joining NCLD’s voting “squad”. Together, we can elect disability champions all across the country. You have the power, you have the voice. The time is ours!

Here’s how the voting squad works:

  1. Register to vote
  2. Join our special voting squad training on Thursday July 30th at 5pm EST
  3. Stay up to date with NCLD’s voting initiative, Our Time, Our Vote, and our partner organization, When We All Vote, to ensure you and your squad have the information you need to vote with confidence in November and in future elections.

Register for the voting squad training on July 30th and make sure your squad is ready to elect the next crop of disability champions all across the country!

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