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The LD Checklist: Recognize and Respond

Most preschoolers and school-age children struggle with learning and behavior now and then. But what if the difficulty persists? Sometimes, that signals a learning disability (LD). Use this interactive tool to detect potential signs of LDs or an attention issue in your child or student. Then use the resources provided to learn more.

About This Tool

LDs can have an impact on many skills. These include listening, speaking, reading, writing, reasoning, math, and social skills. LD is sometimes called specific learning disability or specific learning disorder.

This tool can’t diagnose LDs or prescribe treatment. But it can help you understand signs of LDs and decide what to do next. As you use the tool, think about the person’s behavior over the past six months or more. When you’re done, you can bring any concerns to school personnel or other professionals. They can help you decide whether to look into screening or evaluation.

Featured Resources

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