September 18th, 2020

Celebrating Voices of LD

Each October we celebrate Learning Disabilities and ADHD Awareness Month, our time to celebrate the achievements of those with learning disabilities, raise awareness of the struggles students face, and fight the stigma that individuals with LD face in society. This year, NCLD is excited to lift up the voices of people with learning disabilities and attention issues. Featured here are first-hand accounts and stories of the challenges and successes facing individuals living with LD and ADHD. Share your story with us using the hashtag #LDVoices on Instagram and Twitter.

Defying Misconceptions of My Learning Disability

Erin discusses the stigmas and misconceptions surrounding LD and how she drew on her strengths and found creative ways to succeed.

The Power of My Voice and Story

Alyssia describes the events that led her to discover the power of her voice and use it to advocate for racial and disability justice.

I’m Not Sorry: How I Embrace and Own Being a Black Woman With Learning Disabilities

Atira reflects on how she’s proven everyone—including herself—wrong and continues to persevere because of her strengths and differences.

Flipping the Script on my Limitations and Lamentations

Julia shares how she found the courage to speak up for herself in the workplace and give a voice to her differences.

Reservation, Risk, and Relief: Finding My Way to Advocacy

Lia shares her experiences on her path towards self advocacy as a college student with learning differences.

Be sure to use the hashtag #LDVoices throughout the month of October to share your own story!

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