Together we can create a brighter future for those with LD. That depends on us:

To bring this vision to life, we need your help to build it. Take the first step today toward building the future-together.

A Future for Schools

A Future of Equity

A Future Without Stigma 

A special thank you to everyone who contributed to our first-ever town hall, Together We Stand:

  • Chloe Lukac, LD Advocate
  • Emily Hamby, LD Advocate 
  • Rachelle Johnson, LD Advocate
  • Cindy Cipoletti, Executive Director of Learning Disabilities Association of America
  • George Duran, Chef & Food Network Personality
  • Garett Bolles, Offensive Tackle for the Denver Broncos 
  • Julia Kaback, LD Advocate
  • Susan Reynolds, Parent Advocate 
  • Eli Grabowski, LD Advocate
  • Meredith O’Connor, Musician & LD Advocate 
  • Clarice Jackson, Founder & President, Decoding Dyslexia Nebraska
  • Atira Roberson, LD Advocate 
  • Sandy Holman, Founder, the Culture Co-Op 
  • Carolyn Jeppson, CEO, Broad Futures

And the 60+ other visionaries who submitted their ideas for Together We Stand. We could not have done it without you.

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