Inclusive, Innovative Assessments
for Students With Learning Disabilities

The COVID-19 pandemic sparked a national conversation about the role of public education, what should be taught, and what makes a high-quality education. The mental, emotional, and physical health of students was a pillar in the debate between remote or in-person schooling. Remote learning also disrupted instruction and assessment

High School Assessments for Students With Disabilities in the Era of the Every Student Succeeds Act

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) – signed into law in December 2015 – created many new opportunities for schools to rethink and improve learning experiences for students. One important change the law made was to allow students in high school to take college entrance exams – like the SAT or the ACT – in place of their state’s assessments

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Help empower and advocate for young adults ages 18–26 with learning disabilities and attention issues.

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