Past Anne Ford Scholarship Winners

2017 – Marcos Allen

Marcos was the fun-loving preschooler who never stopped moving, who was described by everyone as curious and engaging –a “bright light in the room.” Oh, and he was also known as the smart student who couldn’t read. By fourth grade, when his challenges in literacy, math and attention were officially identified, his teacher announced that Marcos might never learn how to read or write. That’s when his mom, a librarian and soon-to-be homeschooler, leapt into action. With the flexibility to shape personalized learning opportunities for Marcos and help him explore content in creative ways, Marcos not only caught up to his peers but also gained a deep understanding of his unique learning needs. His love for drawing led him to volunteer in an art program, and “Mr. Marcos” quickly became the children’s favorite teacher and role model. Marcos can hardly wait to begin his undergraduate studies in art and education.

From the policy blog

IT with LD

Written by Aidan Satterwhite, NCLD Young Adult Leadership Council Member | 2 weeks ago

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was very young. Too young to remember, in fact. Many know that life with a learning disability can be quite challenging, but those challenges have also taught me courage, humility, and perseverance.

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