Past Anne Ford Scholarship Winners

2012 – Silvia Ortiz Rosales

Silvia Ortiz-Rosales describes herself as having a “thirst for knowledge and success.” Once her dyslexia was identified in fourth grade, Silvia promised herself that she wouldn’t let it hold her back from academic and personal success. Silvia wants to be a student at The University of California, Berkeley when she graduates from high school. While in college she hopes to study journalism.

In her free time, she tries to push herself to write in new and creative ways, in order to further develop her skills. She reads literature that challenges life themes and gives her own interpretations of them, simply because she loves it. She constantly shares on her blog the challenges of dyslexia as well as the struggles of everyday life.

She hopes that pursuing a career in journalism will ultimately get her writing out to the general public. Although she has learning differences, she continually reaches for more, regardless of the challenges thrown her way.

Watch the interview with Silvia below.


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