Past Anne Ford Scholarship Winners

2010 – Mackenzie Meyer

Mackenzie Meyer has dyslexia which resulted in being a student who couldn’t read grade level textbooks, had difficulty writing sentences understood by others, who had poor ability to judge the passage of time or distances traveled, confused left and right, mixed up numbers, and has short term memory issues.

However, she learned, and continues to learn how to shore up her weaknesses. To improve her reading and writing, she was the first to sign up for a reading program in the district and has stayed in it the longest in the entire school district. She also relies on books on tape, as well as peer readers. To help with my organization, she made her own agenda that includes personal as well as professional appointments. She uses both paper and my phone to ensure if one system fails the other will kick in. For driving, she knew confusing left and right would be a problem, so she makes sure people point in the direction they want her to turn, so that she has a visual as well as oral clue. She also put red arrows on the instrument panel that clearly indicate left and right turn signals.

Recently, she achieved a straight A report card, got accepted into a pre-veterinarian program at several top rated colleges, and continues to contribute to her community. She teaches kids how to swim, helps teachers learn how to better reach other LD students, volunteers at camp for disabled kids, helps distressed animals in the wild, and just tries to be a role model of what is possible in a life without limits. She is currently working on a guide to help LD students go through the college search process, including a questionnaire for the disability office interview.

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