Board of Directors

John R. Langeler


John Langeler serves as the Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee for NCLD.

He was previously the managing director at Optima Fund Management LLC, privately owned hedge fund sponsor. The company was founded by D. Dixon Boardman in 1988 and is located in New York City. In June 2000, the firm formed a strategic alliance with BNY Mellon Wealth Management. In 2019, the firm was acquired by the Forbes Family Trust.

John is a US Navy Seabee, who fought three combat tours in Vietnam; he serves on the board of the Union League Club in NYC; and he served on the board of Lesley University’s Threshold Program. John has five children, three sons and two daughters. His middle son is a graduate of the Threshold Program at Lesley University.

Why are you an advocate for individuals with learning disabilities?

“I have long been an advocate for children with learning disabilities beginning when my son attended the Threshold Program at Lesley University, a program that provides learning disabled young adults with the life skills necessary to function on their own as adults.”

From the policy blog

Complicating My LD Narrative

Written by Julia Nessman, NCLD Young Adult Leadership Council Member | 23 hours ago

Then I was diagnosed with an LD (learning disability) at 10 years old. Through my mom’s persistence in getting me a neuropsychological evaluation, I found out that I was struggling in school because I had serious deficits in executive functioning, working memory, and auditory processing. On the other hand, I also discovered that I had a number of strengths, including advanced verbal skills and a near perfect visual memory.

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