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Perspectives from Young Adults, Educators and Experts


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I wish I had developed a growth mindset earlier in my educational career because it would have helped me be more open to receiving help and accommodations and more open to change and new experiences. 

-Savannah Trevino Casias, NCLD Young Adult Council Member


I have been fortunate to develop skills to help me understand how I learn and how to advocate for myself. These skills will enable me to capitalize on my strengths and also speak about them as I apply for jobs. I have also developed a sense of grit and determination, that allows me to face adversity and expect to overcome it. 

-Ben Gurewitz, NCLD Young Adult Council Member


Education is powerful. It’s also our students’ civil right. It’s our responsibility as educators to support all of the diverse learners in our schools in using their education to change the world

-Sydney Chaffee, 2017 National Teacher of the Year