Why Now, Why Us: Introduction


Why Now? Why Us?
The 4 most sought after traits by employers are communication skills, problem solving skills, ability to work on a team, and initiative. Only half (46%) of working-age adults with learning disabilities were employed, compared to 71% of adults without learning disabilities. Adults with learning disabilities were twice as likely to have dropped out of the labor force completely as compared to their peers without learning disabilities.
College faculty believe that students lack key skills and dispositions such as critical thinking, problem solving, and intellectual openness. Students with disabilities are less likely to attend, persist in, and complete postsecondary education and if they enter the labor force they make $4 less per hour than their peers.
Skills like critical thinking and positive problem solving have been related to more positive life satisfaction. Individuals with disabilities who demonstrate a greater capacity for self-determination are more likely to persist in college and do better in the labor force.