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Implementing UDL at D.J. Bakie Elementary School

Jake Nash doesn’t find school an easy place to be. Diagnosed with an emotional and behavioral disorder, Jake struggles to get along well with peers in group settings, and he is frustrated by “one size fits all” paper-and pencil tests on things he’s not interested in.

The Vision: Students will not just be prepared for a single test, but will instead have the full range of knowledge, skills, and dispositions essential to their success.

The Strategy:  D.J. Bakie Elementary in Kingston, New Hampshire, is implementing Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to offer students multiple ways to represent, express and engage in learning.

Educators at schools like D.J. Bakie know that the equity and access of personalized learning are only achieved through a series of often-difficult conversations, dedicated action, and effort. But the fruits of this effort are quite real. Jake—who in fourth grade had felt despondent and who had been difficult for his teachers and peers—began to understand himself and own his learning.


Learn more about the implementation of UDL at D.J. Bakie Elementary School and how it helped Jake and his peers:

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