PL_State Landscape_NC Landis Elementary Featured Case Study Pt 1

Personalized Interventions at Landis Elementary School 

Grasping certain literacy and math concepts felt impossible to 8-year-old Beth Phillips.

Beth was bright and motivated. She worked hard on everything she was assigned. But she still had trouble with decoding, reading, and she couldn’t process foundational math.

She was falling further and further behind and she needed customized learning strategies.

The Vision: To connect students to each other and to community members, and to deepen their own personal investment in learning. This vision is guided by four principles: Collaborative, Connected, Relevant, and Personalized (CCRP).

The Strategy:  Landis Elementary found a tool that allows teachers and intervention teams to pinpoint student challenges and identify research-based interventions to address those challenges using a collaborative approach.

Using the platform Branching Minds, Beth’s teachers were sent a survey designed to identify her needs and strengths. Based on the survey results, this tool gave her teachers a list of options and approaches to meet Beth’s needs. As a team, her teachers determined which approaches to take and were empowered with strategies to support her success. Throughout the school year, Beth continued to make academic progress. Her learning path no longer seems like a mystery to her or to the adults who work with her.

The program and the accompanying structures empower staff to more effectively work together, communicate with families on their children’s needs, and strengthen relationships with the student. Through these deepened human relationships and the district’s vision of Collaborative, Connected, Relevant, and Personalized education, the teachers of Rowan–Salisbury are transforming learning and helping students like Beth succeed.


Learn more about the personalized learning systems at Landis Elementary School and how they’re helping children like Beth:

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