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Our Process

Over the last two years, NCLD set out to bring the voice of students with disabilities and their families into the discussion and determine how personalized learning systems can meet their needs.

NCLD spoke with advocates, parents, educators, experts and policymakers at both the state and federal levels to explore ways to ensure that personalized learning systems benefit students with disabilities.

In this section, you will find resources for parents, educators, district leaders and states as they work to integrate personalized learning systems in their schools.

The Road Ahead

Through this work, NCLD aims to bridge the gap between knowledge and action so that educators are more prepared, parents are more informed, and policymakers are ready to design personalized learning systems where students with disabilities are able to fully participate, learn, and thrive.

NCLD’s work on personalized learning and students with disabilities will continue. To see more of what we’ve done, you can see our Personalized Learning blog series. And be sure to follow our Policy & Advocacy blog, where we will continue to share our ongoing work in several states.