Parents: Participate in a UCSF Research Program on Socio-Emotional Growth and Receive a Free Personalized Profile Report

UCSF Dyslexia Center ( & brainLENS ( are asking parents who are interested in receiving their child’s socio-emotional profile at no cost, while contributing to an innovative new research program, which will examine students with and without learning differences.

Who is eligible?

  • Your children and students are eligible who are ages 9-16 years, with or without learning differences. 
What will my child/student and I be asked to do?
  • The parent/guardian will be asked to read through a consent form and consent for your child to participate. 
  • Your child/student will be asked to complete an online survey now and again at the end of the school year – about 45 minutes for each survey (which can be broken up).
What’s in it for my child/student, teacher and family?
  • You will receive a comprehensive socio-emotional profile report that includes key measures known to be important in child resilience. We also offer information on evidence-based resources to promote these competency skills.
  • You will contribute to a better understanding of student learning, particularly for students with learning differences
  • Children/students will be entered in a raffle to receive a gift card for their participation at the end of the school year
  • If you participate as a teacher we can provide your students’ individualized profiles (with parent consent) and a classroom-wide profile.
What if I am a teacher?
  • We are interested in either having classrooms participate or in having teachers distribute this information to parents in your classroom
Is this information confidential?
  • Yes, we protect your privacy. The survey is done through a HIPAA-secure online survey site, Qualtrics. Only one researcher has access to completed surveys. After surveys are completed, identifying information such as your child’s name is removed and they are identified by a unique code number.
Questions? Want to Participate? 
Contact with questions and/or click this link to give consent to participate!: