G.M. O’Connell

G.M. O’Connell is the father of four, two of whom have learning differences. 

In 1987, G.M. co-founded Modem Media, the world’s first online advertising agency. Modem was a pioneer in the commercial development of the internet. As chairman and CEO from 1995 through 2004, G.M. guided Modem’s service offering, growth strategy, and key client relationships.

G.M., his wife, Elizabeth, and their kids moved to Argentina in 2004 for a planned two-year sabbatical. They returned in 2011, having lost track of time, but gaining wonderful travel and cultural experiences.

He has served on the boards of numerous companies and trade associations. He contributes time and resources to charitable organizations in the United States and Argentina, including Todos Juntos, which provides dental care for impoverished children in Buenos Aires, and Fundación Cruzada Patagonica, a foundation supporting schools for indigenous children in Northern Patagonia. He is a trustee at the Wooster School in Danbury, Connecticut, and at the Norwalk Community College Foundation.

G.M. enjoys a variety of outdoor sports and activities including fly-fishing, camping, skiing, tennis, and tomato farming.

He is a graduate of Middlebury College, where he majored in English and history.

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