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Auditory Processing Disorders

An auditory processing disorder can cause difficulty in distinguishing the difference between similar sounds, among other difficulties. Although auditory processing disorder is not named as learning disability under federal law, it can explain why some children may have trouble with learning and performance.

Auditory Processing Disorder - Learning Disabilities

Auditory Processing Disorders


Auditory Processing Disorders

What Is Auditory Processing - Auditory Processing Dysfunction There are several different ways the brain processes auditory information. If there is a weakness in a particular kind of auditory processing, it may be observed through specific types of behavior.

Below is an explanation of the different types of auditory processing. Each category also includes possible difficulties that can occur if there is a weakness in that area, and possible strategies that may help overcome the difficulties.

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Auditory Processing Disorders: By Age Group

Processing Disorder - Central Auditory Processing

What You Should Know About Auditory Processing Disorders

  • Auditory processing disorders are often referred to as central auditory processing disorders (CAPD);
  • Auditory processing disorders can occur without any kind of hearing loss;
  • Auditory processing disorders affect how the brain perceives and processes what the ear hears;
  • Like all learning disabilities, auditory processing disorders can be a lifelong challenge;
  • Many of the difficulties that are experienced by people with auditory processing disorders are also common to people with attention deficit disorders;
  • Auditory processing disorders may run in families;
  • Auditory processing disorders can affect a person’s ability to interact socially;
  • There are different types of auditory processing disorders, each affecting different aspects of auditory information processing—see “Auditory Processing Disorders” for more information.

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Auditory Processing Disorders: Your FAQs Answered

auditory-processing-disorders-faqWe asked our Facebook community to ask us questions about auditory processing disorders, which can cause trouble with distinguishing the difference between similar sounds, among other difficulties. The following expert answers from Sheldon H. Horowitz, EdD will help you understand more about auditory processing disorders and understand if this difficulty could be behind your child’s struggles.

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