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Checklists & Worksheets

Our handy, easy-to-use and printable forms are designed to make it easier for you to manage your child’s or learning disability, or your own LD. Our most popular checklist, the Interactive LD Checklist, is a helpful guide to determine if an individual shows signs of learning disabilities. Access checklists or worksheets on our website, or print out your own copy.

About Learning Disabilities - Learning Disorders

Checklists & Worksheets

Interactive LD Checklist

Learning Disabilities Symptoms - Signs of Learning Disabilities

Take the Checklist

It's not always easy to recognize learning disabilities. If you or someone you know displays the signs described in our LD Checklist, it's time to seek additional information or help.

The following checklist is designed as a helpful guide and not as a tool to pinpoint specific learning disabilities. The more characteristics you check, the more likely that the individual described is at risk for (or shows signs of) learning disabilities. When filling out this form, think about the person's behavior over at least the past six months. And when you're done, don't wait to seek assistance from school personnel or other professionals.

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IEP Checklist for Parents

Individualized Education Plan -  IEP Parents

Whether you’re working with your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) team to develop her very first IEP or you’re reviewing her existing IEP, you’ll want to make sure every detail and concern is addressed. Use this comprehensive checklist to determine if your child’s IEP contains all of the components required by IDEA. Remember to provide your input to the school in advance of your child’s IEP meeting.

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SMART Goals Worksheet for Students

SMART Goals - WorksheetToday’s students in middle school and high school feel a lot of pressure to succeed and achieve at school and in extra-curricular activities. You can help your child by teaching him or her how to set SMART goals, which are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Results-oriented
  • Time-bound

We’ve created a worksheet to provide guidance and structure as your child begins the life-enhancing habit of setting concrete goals.

icon_guidesDownload and print a free copy of the SMART Goals Worksheet for your child today!

This chart is made possible by a grant from the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation.

Assistive Technology: Checklist of Questions to Ask Colleges

Assistive Techonolgy -  Technology for Learning Are you a college-bound teen who relies on assistive technology (AT) to compensate for your LD or AD/HD? As you prepare for college, it’s important to know your rights and responsibilities regarding AT accommodations as a college student. Once on campus, it’ll be up to you to advocate for your needs and take the initiative to get the AT accommodations you need to succeed.

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Transition Considerations Checklist

Transition Planning - Transition in High School

Parents can take an active role by working with their child’s school to plan the supports and services that will lead to their child’s success after high school. Both parents and students need to make sure that transition planning starts early enough for adequate preparation, which is frequently well before the mandatory age of 16, as specified by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).


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Worksheet: Visiting a School — What to Ask, What to Look For

What To Look For In A School - Special Needs School School visits provide crucial information that will assist you in your choice. Before a visit, do some planning, and focus on the specific needs of your child with learning disabilities. Look at the school’s website, talk to parents of kids who attend the school (and consider attending a PTA meeting), jot down school-specific questions. If possible, arrange to observe classes. Before making a decision, visit the school with your child.

Use this handy worksheet to record your research and to compare schools.

icon_guides Download your FREE copy of the Worksheet: Visiting a School — What to Ask, What to Look For (PDF).

Bonnie Z. Goldsmith has worked in the field of education throughout her professional life. She has wide experience as a writer, editor, and teacher.