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NCLD primarily offers information about learning disabilities (LD) through our website, We're confident that you'll find our articles, publications, advocacy guides and policy-related publications, and our handy checklists, worksheets, and forms to be reliable and useful resources.

Many visitors to our site have similar questions and concerns. Please take a moment to review our frequently asked questions. It's very likely that the responses will guide you to the answers you've needed.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Before writing to us, please review the following questions. You may find the resources you need right here!

  • Can you give me advice on finding support and/or services for myself or my child with a learning disability?

    We are unable to offer one-on-one advice or provide direct referrals to specialists. Our comprehensive Resource Locator is designed to help you find local resource centers that will be better able to serve your individual requests for support.

    In addition, our Sitemap provides an overview of how our website is organized. To quickly find information on a particular topic, you may find it helpful to look over it.

    It's always a great idea to start with "the basics," even if you are well versed in a subject. Try starting in our LD Basics section of this site. 
  • My child is struggling in school and I don't how to get help?

    Visit our LD Explained and Your Child's Rights sections.
  • How do I get my child evaluated for learning disabilities?

    Visit our Your Child's Rights section.
  • I'm an adult, and I'm worried I might have a learning disability?

    Visit our LD Explained section.
  • How can I pay for college?

    Visit our Financial Matters section.
  • Do you want to manage your newsletter subscriptions?

    Visit our subscription center.
  • Do you want to license our content?

    Visit our Reprint Permissions page.

If you don't find the answer to your question addressed above, you are welcome to email us. Due to the number of requests we receive, we may not be able to address your concern personally, but we do read all correspondence, and we will try to address your concerns in future content offerings on the site.

We also invite you to send us your feedback about our website and to suggest topics for new content. To share your comments with us, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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