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NCLD's Professional Advisory Board (PAB) includes leading educators, psychologists, researchers, physicians, and advocates. The PAB guides NCLD program activity and advises the staff and Board of Directors on educational needs, program opportunities, public policy development, and strategic planning.


Donald D. Deshler, Ph.D.

Center for Research on Learning
University of Kansas

Vice Chairman
Judy Elliott, Ph.D.

Former Chief Academic Officer
Los Angeles Unified School District


Daniel B. Berch, Ph.D.
Professor and Senior Advisor to the Dean
University of Virginia
Curry School of Education
Dane Linn
Director, Education Division
National Governors Association Center for Best Practices
Laura Breeden
Davis and Chapman Career Management and
Outplacement Firm
Tamu Lucero
Worthington Hills Elementary School
Katherine Brodie, Esq.
Director of Government and Legal Affairs
Career College Association
Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities
Margaret J. McLaughlin, Ph.D.
Assoc. Dean, College of Education
University of Maryland
Mary Brownell, Ph.D.
Professor, Special Education
University of Florida
College of Education
Karen J. Miller, M.D.
Tufts Medical Center
Center for Children with Special Needs
Lindy Crawford, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Texas Christian University
College of Education
Diane R. Paul, Ph.D.
Director, Speech-Language Pathology
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Bob Cunningham
Head of School
The Gateway Schools
Gabrielle Rappolt-Schlichtmann, Ed.D.
Director of Research
Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST)
Louis Danielson, Ph.D.
Managing Director
American Institutes for Research
Brenda Taylor
Deputy of Specialized Instructional Services
The School District of Philadelphia
Susan Gorin
Executive Director
National Association of School Psychologists
Martha Thurlow, Ph.D.
National Center on Educational Outcomes
Connie Hawkins
Executive Director
Exceptional Children's Assistance Center North Carolina
Linda Wernikoff
Former Executive Director
Office of Special Education Initiatives
New York City Department of Education
Tom Hehir, Ed.D.
Professor of Practice
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Markay Winston, Ph.D.
Chief Officer of Instructional Learning Supports
Chicago Public Schools
Joanne Karger, J.D., Ed.D.
Policy Analyst & Research Scientist
Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST)
Janette Klingner, Ph.D.
School of Education, University of Colorado at Boulder

Honorary Professional Advisory Board Members

Stevan Kukic, Ph.D.
Vice President of Strategic Sales Initiatives Cambium Learning/Voyager
Mark J. Griffin, Ph.D.
Former Headmaster
Eagle Hill School
Betty Osman, Ph.D.
Child & Adolescent Service
White Plains Hospital Medical Center